Pulse Clean: Best Selling Anti-Radiation Brand from Japan Arrives on the Shore


 Wide range of negative ions products to improve generalhealth and wellness associated with electromagnetic radiationexposure.

    SINGAPORE, Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There are billions ofmobile devices in the world -- mobile phones, tablets and laptops.Most of us own more than one of these devices, leaving usconstantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation (also known asEMR). Now imagine the amount of exposure when these mobile devicesare with us 24/7, whether we are commuting, working or resting.


  According to researchers, one of the harmful effects of EMR isthe disruption of ionic balance in the atmosphere. Studies havefound that in natural settings (e.g. forests, waterfalls), there isa balance of both positive and negative ions in the atmosphere.However, in modern settings such as offices, a far greaterproportion of positive ions are measured. The presence of EMR inmodern environment can deplete negative ions, which are highlybeneficial to health and well-being.


  The general consensus is that a high concentration of positiveions in the atmosphere will leave us feeling depressed, lethargicand full of aches. On the contrary, a high concentration ofnegative ions will improve energy, immune system and bloodcirculation. This is why some of us get headaches, migraines oreyestrains when we are working in offices and indoor areas, butimmediately feel better once we take a breather outside.


 Conceived to increase negative ions intake, Pulse Clean can beattached to mobile devices and home appliances easily. The constantgeneration of negative ions helps to provide a balance of bothpositive and negative ions in the environment. This is especiallyessential for those who work in enclosed or air-conditionedenvironment.


  Pulse Clean is developed in Japan using tourmaline, asemi-precious gemstone that naturally emits negative ions. In 1997,this innovative product was awarded the "Gold International Award"in an invention convention held in the United States. In addition,its proprietary tourmaline processing technology was granted patent(Patent no.: US5945051) in 1999. Today, Pulse Clean has beenselling well over 15 years with international sales to variouscountries, making it an excellent gift for friends and family.


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